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Ball Screw
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:SFA
award 3

Speeding up by the need for Industrial 4.0, Precision machinery and the High Tech industry upgrade constantly. And so, Ball screw had become a core part of such growth.
TBI MOTION developed the SFA2060 high lead ball screw. With the patented circulation design and unique processing, not just only the high lead design advantage, the circulation design has an excellent performance in impact resistance and thermal deformation.
Maintain high accuracy during operation and make it easier for client mechanism design
This year, TBI MOTION expend branches in China and the USA to provide customer service locally for our distributor and customer,
Continuously launching new products on all the national exhibitions and optimized market strategies by customer feedback.


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TBI MOTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., is a specialized manufacturer in linear motion products in Taiwan, possessing critical core technology and concentrating on product research and innovative design. Our products are under patent design with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 certification and now distributors have been established all over the world since 1986. With "Outstanding quality, high capacity", we are well recognized in the market.
TBI MOTION dedicates to offer a complete sales service and experience to the customers, both China and USA branch are established in 2020 in order to enhance the local sales service, furthermore the original sales team split from TBI MOTION and become TBI MOTION INTELLIGENCE CO., LTD. to strengthen the sales channel, fulfill Production-Marketing Separation to achieve specialization.


In the year 2010, "TBI" and "COMTOP" was integrated as TBI Motion. Since then TBI Motion has endeavored to provide a variety of industrial solution for our customers to choose from in linear motion industry. “Innovative Power of Transmission Technology” is our philosophy. Our logo - Collaboration for blue C . T means Transfer; B means Brilliance; I means Innovation. TBI MOTION creates advantageous environment through collaborative work and keeps being innovative to satisfy the needs of our customers. Business Philosophy: Philosophy:TBI MOTION creates advantageous circumstances through collaboration and keeps being innovative to satisfy the needs of our customers. Mission:Best Partners of Production & Solution in Linear Motion. Vision:TBI inside, as the prospect of helping our clients explore the infinite possibility of technology for life by utilizing our products inside of them.