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LED End Outline Marker Lamp
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:P/N 26561
Lucidity Enterprise Co., Ltd.
award 3

1. Lucidity 26561 passed 5,000 crash tests; the rubber body is designed with vertical gaskets, so that the product can quickly return to normal after impact, and strengthen collision resistance.
2. The combination of the stable rubber body and smooth glossy PC housing combines impact-resistant features with an elegant streamlined shape.
3. The traditional design of EOM uses only rubber material to hold the light source. This material is too soft to optimize the shape of the lamp. The Lucidity 26561 combines PC material to hold the light source, making the lamp shape unique and stable. The PC housing can be color customised.
4. Lucidity 26561 adopts a new generation of light guide design which makes the overall lighting smoother.
5. Most EOM products have only one light source on the edge of a product. The Lucidity 26561 extends its range of illumination to make lighting wider and more secure.
6. SMT full LED Lamp increases durability and product life.
7. ECE homologation.


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About Lucidity Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Lucidity, a professional truck light manufacturer,established in 1981. We are the leading LED lighting manufacturer for truck and trailer in Tainan, Taiwan. Besides designing and manufacturing Original Equipment lamps for a wide variety of manufacturers in North American, Lucidity produces the most comprehensive replacement lights in the industry worldwide. Our product line consists of comprehensive vehicle lighting products, which includes LED lights, incandescent lights, reflectors, mounting brackets, replacement lens and so on. Complete product range is our key for growth, and continually innovation is our major competitive advantage in the industry. Being a premier company, we are devoted to our management philosophy of “Integrity, Innovation, Cooperation and Caring”. Furthermore, we completely fulfill our social responsibility, as we know the success of our company highly depends on the well being of society and the environment where the company is established.


The brand founder, Mr. Wayne Huang, started working in the truck light industry in 1980. Mr. Wayne Huang realized that Taiwan's truck lights could illuminate the world! One day after the hiring company shut down, Mr. Wayne Huang had the germ of an idea — to create an innovative Taiwanese commercial vehicle light brand. Mr. Wayne Huang eventually founded Lucidity in 1981. From the establishment of the company to now, Lucidity has expanded from a small factory to a global group. Lucidity is committed to providing efficient service to exceed customer's expectation. In order to supply customers with quality products, Lucidity has gained many international certifications such as IATF16949, also won the national prizes such as National Quality Award. In the future, continue contributing in corporate sustainability is the cornerstone of Lucidity’s competitiveness, to become a pioneer of producing environment-friendly products in the field of commercial vehicle lights.