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Lucidity 26077 LED Aurora Arrow Full Function Rear Lamp
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:P/N 26077
Lucidity Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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The new 26077 「LED Aurora Arrow Full Function Rear Lamp」specialized for European heavy duty Trucks promising a complete new perspective, safety level and vehicle value.
Major Key factors as following:
-Surface mounts technology (SMT) full LED Lamp increase durability and life-cycle.
-SMT automation improves precision and productivity, increase vibration and shock resistance.
-Full LED module for maximum brightness, low consumption and longer life-cycle.
-Special optical design for road user’s easy recognition of vehicle status.
-Progressive LED direction indicator for road user’s easy recognition.
-Large U-Shape tail light “GLO-Trac” technology for best night vision.
-Lucidity unique “GLO-Trac” technology provides perfect & gentle light source.
-Optical Lens made of Polycarbonate (PC) provides more resistance against physical impact.
-8 in 1 multifunctional lamp.
-Apply international known standard AMP 7PIN water and dust proof connector.
-European ECE optical homologation.


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About Lucidity Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Lucidity Group was established in 1981. Since Lucidity was founded, we have never changed our mind about innovating and manufacturing products which can surpass the expectations coming from customers. Lucidity also has subsidiaries in USA, Europe and Australia to provide our customers with more efficient and localized service experience.
Lucidity Group has a wide variety of product lines covering from Led lights, incandescent lights, reflectors to wire harness and so on. We develop over 60 new products annually to give our customers a comprehensive service. To date Lucidity Group has sold millions of products to over 40 countries around the world.
Lucidity Group is committed to providing better solutions and brighter products to our partners. Being bent on developing and manufacturing for 40 years, make us know how to hear from customers and solve their pant point. We always got your six so we have a professional in-house R&D team, an effective manufacturing group and the most flexible service process.


The brand founder, Mr. Wayne Huang, started working in the truck light industry in 1980. Mr. Wayne Huang realized that Taiwan's truck lights could illuminate the world! One day after the hiring company shut down, Mr. Wayne Huang had the germ of an idea — to create an innovative Taiwanese commercial vehicle light brand. Mr. Wayne Huang eventually founded Lucidity in 1981. From the establishment of the company to now, Lucidity has expanded from a small factory to a global group. Lucidity is committed to providing efficient service to exceed customer's expectation. In order to supply customers with quality products, Lucidity has gained many international certifications such as IATF16949, also won the national prizes such as National Quality Award. In the future, continue contributing in corporate sustainability is the cornerstone of Lucidity’s competitiveness, to become a pioneer of producing environment-friendly products in the field of commercial vehicle lights.