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Lucidity 26075 LED Aurora Arrow Full Function Rear Lamp
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:P/N 26075
Lucidity Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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26075「LED Aurora Arrow Full Function Rear Lamp」is perfectly suitable install on European heavy-duty truck. Lucidity apply SMT technique to this product with SMT characteristics can help this lamp overcome the harsh European variety of road conditions and also increase durability on road. LED rear lamp durability is much greater than bulb rear lamp. The greatest feature of this product is itself provides excellent illumination for night recognition, this enable road users easily recognize various driving conditions so to increase their own road safety. Other extra product features as follows:
1. Sequential Turn Signal:
- Dynamic turn signal sync with vehicle turning direction make it easier for road users to identify and react.
2. Optimum Optical Design
- Optical design comply with European ECE road safety standard level.
3. Enormous U-shape Tail Light Design
- Breaking the traditional concept by increasing in tail function illuminated area significantly to generate great visibility at night.
4. Full function LED Combo Rear Lamp
- Combined Stop/Tail/D.I/Fog/Reverse/Side marker/License/Reflex all ECE standard functions intergraded into one lamp.
5. Surface Mount Technology
- Rapid and precise robot arms assembling procedure create the core of lamp which improve significantly in product quality, resistant of vibration and shock impact.
6. International Recognized Connector
- Use AMP 7Pin connector to achieve convenient/solid/waterproof and dustproof benefits for consumer.
7. Replaceable Lens
- PC material lens is highly resistant against external impact and well protected internal structure of the lamp. Damaged lens can be easily replaced and help consumer save maintenance cost.
8. Glo Trac design
This lamp uses LED module design which brings benefits including higher illumination density, lower power consumption, longer lifespan and eco-friendly. In line with today's European market for environmental friendly and energy conservation requirements.


About Lucidity Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Lucidity, a professional truck light manufacturer,established in 1981. We are the leading LED lighting manufacturer for truck and trailer in Tainan, Taiwan. Besides designing and manufacturing Original Equipment lamps for a wide variety of manufacturers in North American, Lucidity produces the most comprehensive replacement lights in the industry worldwide. Our product line consists of comprehensive vehicle lighting products, which includes LED lights, incandescent lights, reflectors, mounting brackets, replacement lens and so on. Complete product range is our key for growth, and continually innovation is our major competitive advantage in the industry. Being a premier company, we are devoted to our management philosophy of “Integrity, Innovation, Cooperation and Caring”. Furthermore, we completely fulfill our social responsibility, as we know the success of our company highly depends on the well being of society and the environment where the company is established.


Here is a brief story of the origin of brand “Lucidity”.The Lucidity brand creator as well as company founder, Mr. Wayne Huang, started working when he was only 22 years old on a burden of family budget. He engaged in small truck lights manufacturer as his beginning. One day after the hiring company shut down, he and another two partners eventually founded Lucidity in 1981. When Mr. Wayne Huang wanted to register the name transliterated from Lucidity’s Chinese name, he found it was already registered by others, hence Mr. Wayne Huang adopted the suggest name from his friend 「Lucidity」 as the company name and brand name. Mr. Wayne Huang had regarded Lucidity as his own child, and had a deep consciousness of running brand earlier. However, Lucidity only does marketing in main market and sales channel to keep low profile but actually Lucidity has been a fairly recognizable brand in big truck and trailer lighting market.