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Self-leveling Pipe Inspection Videoscope
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:PRSL300
Medical Intubation Technology Corporation
award 3

PRSL300 is a specific Industrial endoscope for pipeline inspection. It features two
core innovative technologies 1) Self-leveling camera mechanism 2) Instant length display system. Both provide the position information of any obstruction and rupture observed by the user's immediate interpretation record, which greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of the maintenance personnel during excavation work. The tube meets the requirements of the pipeline endoscope market that requires the water pipe environment to bypass two 90-degree corners. The corresponding tube body has high strength and over-bending toughness at the same time. Its storage coiling mechanism adopts high tensile HDPE steel and incorporates the design of a tire shape. It contains a 30m long rigid tube and can smoothly rotate to withdraw it. At the same time it provides perfect protection for the driving circuit board and the electronic slip ring that process the image signal; taking into account the functions of being lightweight, anti-wear and suitable for drainage.


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