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Dual camera ultra-thin high-resolution industrial videoscope
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:X750
Medical Intubation Technology Corporation
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The information related to this product could not be shown due to medical law, please contact the company directly for more information.


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About Medical Intubation Technology Corporation

Our vision is to make the best videoscopes available for everyone!

Achieving this means for us to keep challenging the status quo while constantly striving for perfection. We streamlined every aspect of our business towards this purpose. It is the long-term commitment to our customers; it is the principle and driving force that lets us redefine inspections.


Certified by the well-known vehicle brands, Mitcorp embodies a new approach to non-destructive inspection. We believe that innovative videoscopes should be accessible to all who need them, challenging the view that reliable and accurate inspection products should be so highly priced that they become impractical for hard working business owners. We believe that the best that technology has to offer should be used to benefit our customers’ practical, everyday business needs.

Working closely together with our clients since 2003, Mitcorp is driven by a passion for innovation and has accumulated over 200 patents. With a strong focus on our end users, a highly agile approach to business, and a reputation for the highest levels of quality and dependability amongst our key distributors, we aspire to leadership within the next generation of non-destructive inspection providers worldwide.