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Desktop Non-Cash Self-Payment POS
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:PA-R110
Protech Systems Co., Ltd.
award 3

1.Ideal for fresh food shops, the clerks no need to contact money directly, avoid bacterial infection to food.
2.Apply in small shops lack of manpower, PA-R110 can replace clerks’role, help do routine and repetitive things. Shop owner can spent more time on important actions.
3.Implement in high-income countries’ shops, PA-R110 can help reduce labor cost as well as avoid impact of strike and labor shortage issue.
4.Cashless payments are the current trend globally. With various non-cash payment methods, PA-R110 can prevent certain types of crimes, avoid loss caused by fake banknotes and calculation errors made by human clerks.
5.Lead to shorter queues time in busy stores when checkout.
6.Prevent embezzlement as employees do not have chances to access money.
7.Support Windows 10, 8 and 7. Customers can select operating systems based on their needs.
8.Get ISO9001 quality authentication & ISO14001 environmental protection authentication, guarantees the operational safety of PA-R110.


About Protech Systems Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1980, Protech Systems specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial PC products. For decades, Protech keeps enhancing capabilities and committed to technology innovation. Successfully to promote automation products, embedded computers, POS and Kiosk to worldwide and maintain the leading position in IPC industry.
With headquarter and manufacturing factory in Taiwan, all services from R&D, production management, quality control, and sales marketing are provided completed in Taiwan. In order to provide timely and rapid service to local market around the world, Protech established branch offices in several countries, as “Global Presence-Local flexibility” strategy is always our faith.
"Honesty, Aggressiveness, Stable Growth" are Protech’ business philosophy, and we believe that “Top Quality, Optimal Function, Best Service” will bring significant progress together with customers and partners in IIoT and AIoT generation.


Established in 1980, Protech Systems specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial controls. In 1990, Protech Systems transformed to Personal computer fields. One the occasion of the PC industry flourishing in 2000, Engel Wu, the founder of Protech Systems, determined decided to transit the business to industrial computers fields. Protech Systems represent business ideas into the "honesty, aggressiveness and stable growth" corporate design, guiding the sustainable values. In year 2001, we started to implement the brand strategy, and launched our own brand of "PROX" to global marketing channels. “PROX” combines Protech Systems and X. It shows Protech Systems pursues customer-oriented with professional quality requirement. Also, “X” represents the idea of eXtersion. We believe information industry and industrial computer products are the key components of future technology products which will bring unlimited development for automation life style applications.

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