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Self-Payment KIOSK
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:KF-7330
Protech Systems Co., Ltd.
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Nowadays, Kiosk on the markets is designed as a standard model or a customized type for a specific application. It’s hard to meet the target customer demand with non-flexible design and long production time. Protech System developed self-payment kiosk with modularized structure. Target customers can choose their own request modules to make the kiosk to meet their industry applications.
The main mechanism for self payment kiosk is built by a strong base with a slim shape body. The concept of self payment kiosk usage is either the top computer part or the whole system. For the target customers who only have electronic payment demand (without bill and coin module) can use the top system as a desktop computer. It’s very suitable for those retails or stores which have limited operation space.
Self-payment kiosk system is including main panel with touch screen, bill module, coin module, and credit card module. It also combines camera module, video record module, speaker, 2nd display, and barcode scanner. Self payment kiosk not only can increase the efficiency, security and accuracy of payment but also can decrease the fix cost of employee expense, especially for small amount transaction or frequent transaction places.
Each module is designed to be easy maintenance in independent internal configuration and set up for own lock for safety issue. It can upgrade each module separately. If any maintenance issue requires, each module can be also easy disassembly to check the root cause. To reach the maximized functional performance, all module layouts fit inner space of self payment kiosk. For the outside of self payment kiosk, it can be the standard design from Protech systems or the customized idea. Customized designs include the customer’s own logo, slogan, or image to make the final kiosk unique. Also, with 2nd display advertisement promotions or customized software applications, self payment kiosk will create more add-values for the market penetration.


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About Protech Systems Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1980, Protech Systems is the leading company in the industrial PC industry, creating intelligent and high-quality products for industrial IoT and AIoT applications with our own brand「PROX」.
Committed to innovation, we provide a comprehensive product portfolio with ground-breaking technology, including industrial board, embedded system, panel PC, remote I/O module, EtherCAT slave module, rugged tablet, POS, Kiosk, and integrated solutions. Our goal is to bring smart power to the IoT world and accelerate industrial efficiency and transformation.
"Honesty, Aggressiveness, Stable Growth" are our business philosophy, "Technology, Innovation, Excellence, Sustainability" are our core values, we believe that only “Top Quality, Optimal Function, Best Service” will bring significant progress together with our customers and partners.


Founded in 1980, Protech Systems is specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial controls in the initial stage. In 1990, Protech Systems transformed to Personal computer fields. On the occasion of the PC industry flourishing in 2000, Engel Wu, the founder of Protech Systems, determined to transit the business to the industrial computers fields. In the year 2001, we started to implement the brand strategy and launched our own brand of "PROX" to global marketing channels. "PROX" combines Protech Systems and X. "PRO" represents the professional performance in technology. "X" represents the idea of eXtension, it means our unlimited potential as well as the continuous breakthrough. We believe IPC solutions are the key components in future technology which will bring infinite development in an intelligent world. With this vision in mind, we will continue to dedicate technology innovation in the industry as well as build the IoT ecosystem to make life smarter.

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