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Nitrogen Balance Cylinder Actuator
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:CBL Series
award 3

Ashun “Nitrogen Balance Cylinder Actuator” is the perfect match of hydraulic cylinder and piston accumulator, by heavy duty cylinders and the unique design of piston accumulators, this new products can solve the overweight issues during loading, and assist the robot arm more smoothly during rotating, then prevent the occupational accidents.

The more advantages are as following,
1. Saving energy: Effectively avoid the energy wasting and improve the hydraulic instability, this advantage will achieve an amazing balance and stability.
2. Noise-canceling: Removing hydraulic power system equipment completely, this advantage will achieve the perfect outlooks and noiseless work environment.
3. Reducing cost and increasing performance: Combining with servo motor, not only has the high performance but also breakthrough the cylinder limitation, the data of “Intelligent Piston Accumulators” (Taiwan Excellence 2019) can be sent back in time for analyzing and taking protective measure effectively.


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ASHUN was established in 1984 without losing sight of its maxim of "QUICKLY and REALITY" or keeping promoting its production equipment to combine with the hi-tech computer technology enable to reach and improve the working efficiency and quality of products.

"" created brand has established a fine reputation worldwide.Indeed, ASHUN has a symbol of quality. Our professional R & D team develops new machines continuously to meet our customers' needs.

ASHUN achieves customer satisfaction by providing solutions for the problems and challenges of growing conversion industry


At the beginning, Ashun’s main business was renovating the hydraulic spare parts which were from the disassembled hulls and sold to the retail hardware stores, the factory was moved to Taichung since 90's, through years of efforts, we become the first choice at the hydraulic markets. Due to the former owner invested failed, the chairman Wang reorganized into a new team in 2008, he also deepened technology sharing with Japan KYB, we reposition products value and actively explore the North American market. In order to transit into the "manufacturing services” and become the customers’ first choice in the fluid power industry, we set a fluid power systems depart. to integrate “production” and “service” in 2013, Along with the industrial upgrading and enterprise transition, Ashun logo was created a new appearance in 2015, looking to the future, we will present a new look and keep core technology in Taiwan, hope to be the hydraulic represent for Taiwan in the world.

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