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Displacement Detection Damper
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:DPA / S / D series
award 3

Displacement detection dampers are shock-absorbing equipment installed on bridge facilities and building structures. Generally, it’s very difficult to check whether dampers function properly after installed. This product is improved and standardized from the original design, which included functions for adjusting damping coefficient to achieve customers’ demand, observing displacement detection whether the movement and leakage caused by earthquakes are reasonable, and monitoring if seals fails by liquid level switch structure. Feed backing the information by signal to remote systems, which enables structural technicians to instantly determine if maintenance is required.
Displacement detection dampers can effectively solve the inconvenience of equipment maintenance, save costs and decrease safety risks, and improve the accuracy of remote interpretation on whether the function is normal and whether the seal is invalid. They also has passed the new invention patent application.


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