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SMALO by BESV / SMALO PX2 Smart eBike
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:SMALO PX2
award 3

Introducing the SMALO PX2, an innovative e-bike that enhances the rider's experience, prioritizes safety, and incorporates intelligent controls. Specifically designed for urban commuters, it caters to various biking scenarios.

Improved Interaction:
a. Seamlessly integrate owner identification with an advanced e-lock.
b. Enjoy the convenience of automatic pedal assistance.

Thoughtful Safety Lighting:
Experience enhanced safety with our practical lighting design inspired by automobiles.

Smart Mobile App Management:
Effortlessly manage your PX2 through our user-friendly app, offering:
a. Bike Condition Monitoring: Keep track of battery capacity, range, and diagnostics.
b. Enhanced Security: Safeguard your bike with anti-theft features and GPS tracking.

The PX2 is a remarkable e-bike that provides easy ownership and worry-free riding.


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DARAD INNOVATION CORPORATION is a spinoff of Darfon Electronics Corp., the worldwide leader of IT and Green Power, and currently the world’s largest keyboard and computer peripheral manufacturer. DARAD INNOVATION CORPORATION has adopted the technical capability of power-technology from its parent company, and further combined it with the advanced manufacturing techniques from the elite Taiwanese bicycle industry, and launched its own premium smart e-bike brand, BESV.


The birth of BESV brand came from the aspiration of building a Beautiful, Eco-Friendly, Smarter lifestyle and Vision for the human future. BESV is committed to creating premium electric bicycles and accessories that combine advanced software technology, manufacturing innovation, and unique, stylish designs, all in order to bring customers a truly amazing user-experience.