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Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:TRB1
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The BESV TRB1 proudly features industry-leading 756Wh battery power compared to a major eMTB that only provides 504Wh. Thanks to such powerful battery performance, mountain bikers can enjoy long and challenging routes with abundant electrical assistance.
Its advanced dual-tube frame design provides ample space and excellent protection for the large battery pack. The dual-tube design also ensures extreme stiffness performance for the TRB1 frame that allows bikers overcome any off-road challenge.
The premium quality electric motor delivers robust power with reliable quality.
The Sport App offers an offline map, navigation, reachable areas, weather conditions and many other new features. It also comes with fitness functions such as heart rate and calorie burn calculators to help bikers review their training progress. There is also a built-in Bluetooth module for the battery pack, which allows the Sport App to remotely monitor battery charging and a self-diagnosis of the bike's status.


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DARAD INNOVATION CORPORATION is a spinoff of Darfon Electronics Corp., the worldwide leader of IT and Green Power, and currently the world’s largest keyboard and computer peripheral manufacturer. DARAD INNOVATION CORPORATION has adopted the technical capability of power-technology from its parent company, and further combined it with the advanced manufacturing techniques from the elite Taiwanese bicycle industry, and launched its own premium smart e-bike brand, BESV.


The birth of BESV brand came from the aspiration of building a Beautiful, Eco-Friendly, Smarter lifestyle and Vision for the human future. BESV is committed to creating premium electric bicycles and accessories that combine advanced software technology, manufacturing innovation, and unique, stylish designs, all in order to bring customers a truly amazing user-experience.