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Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:CF1 LENA
award 3

BESV's CF1 LENA, specially designed for Japan's "Mamachari" market, is the most popular bicycle type for moms carrying children around.
It weighs only 21.5kg, lighter than most competitors and easier to lift or move even for female users. The battery is cleverly hidden inside the tube frame for a more elegant look, while still removable for convenient charging.
The integrated 40lux headlamp and the rear brake lamp provide high brightness for better safety. The large LCD screen allows riders to easily read important information such as battery status and speed.
The CF1 LENA features Algorhtythm, BESV’s custom-built power drive system delivering reliable 3-level electrical assistance with precise power and smooth transition for the best riding experience.
Last but not least, its stem and handlebar are easy to adjust with various angles to meet different users' preferences. The CF1 LENA is smartly designed to bring the most complete assistance to the whole family.


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DARAD INNOVATION CORPORATION is a spinoff of Darfon Electronics Corp., the worldwide leader of IT and Green Power, and currently the world’s largest keyboard and computer peripheral manufacturer. DARAD INNOVATION CORPORATION has adopted the technical capability of power-technology from its parent company, and further combined it with the advanced manufacturing techniques from the elite Taiwanese bicycle industry, and launched its own premium smart e-bike brand, BESV.


The birth of BESV brand came from the aspiration of building a Beautiful, Eco-Friendly, Smarter lifestyle and Vision for the human future. BESV is committed to creating premium electric bicycles and accessories that combine advanced software technology, manufacturing innovation, and unique, stylish designs, all in order to bring customers a truly amazing user-experience.