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Intellectualized matrix tool storage system
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:SS3T
award 3

1. New patents-Complex cam type ATC, replaceable claw holder, smart storage structure
2. Smart functions-Damage drill detection with 2 sec of speed and 0.5mm accuracy, predictive maintenance&failure management avoid defects. Speed matching system (Unit: kg→m/min)-light<10→120/Middle=10-15→100/Heavy = 15-25→80, speed matching system controls the speed depending on tool weight(Unit: kg→Sec.) Light <10 →2.1/Middle=10-15→2.8/ Heavy=15-25→3.5
3. Modularized design-simplified production procedures.
4. Specialized machine with high capacity, expandability and efficiency, achieve the idea of one tool changer collocates on multi machines
5. Accurately driven by servo mother with the highest speed 120m/min.
6. Averts welding pollution by reducing utilization of carbon steel to save energy &protect the environment, modularized design improves 50% efficiency and satisfies the demand for tool expandability, Reduce high-polluted process of production (e.g. blackening& painting)


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Gifu Enterprise established in 1979, specializes in the production of automatic tool changer and milling heads. Based on the blue ocean strategy, MIT with OBM to sell our products all over the world. The range from all of fields to major industries and occupies the first position in the global. Gifu is the first enterprise obtaining ISO 9001 certification and implementing GFPS and the only one to be awarded of Taiwan Excellence Award in Taiwan. Gifu is dedicated to both humanities and technology, fulfilling social responsibilities, having various R&D innovation and quality awards, which also shows GIFU is a benchmark in the industry. In recent years, it has moved towards to the sustainable development of B-type and ESG enterprises. In 2020, Gifu voluntarily joined the "Taiwan National Mask Team" to make an effort for Taiwan for epidemic prevention. In the future, we will continue to develop more MIT products in the spirit of OBM to win glory for Taiwan's machine tool industry


1.Regarding to the design of the logo: The logo consists of 2 characters, “G” and “F”. The two characters tightly combined, which resembles the enterprise culture, “harmony” and “unity”. The shape of the logo emblematizes that the products from Gifu can always run smoothly and can help machine tool industry flourish. 2.Spiritual Connotation: The main colors of the logo are red and black, which resemble active, passionate and innovative. 3.Brand developed strategy: (1) Enhance the Brand core value of “GIFU” by innovative research and development as well as holding key techniques. (2)Brand Promise: Gifu provides high-quality products and reliable service. (3)Brand value: Gifu emphasizes on enterprise and culture and focus on humanity. (4)Brand spirit: Gifu cares the society and makes efforts on fulfilling corporate social responsibilities by devoting to public welfare activities.