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650W dimmable high wattage LED driver
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:HVGC-650 Series
award 3

HVGC-650 is designed with constant power mode, enables users to easily modify LED brightness by adjusting the output current in full output power range, which can diminish light fixture design difficulty and expand application aspects.

Considering some low light source needs, driver dimming switch point is specially designed from 0% to 100% output current. Such exquisite design allows LED driver to be utilized at the environment requires ultra low brightness and significantly declines visual impact. Three-in-one/DALI dimming and smart timer dimming function help system designers freely organize lighting setting to reach energy conservation , besides an extra auxiliary 12v/200 m A can support for IoT control to make dimming to be intelligent.

With 8KV surge protection and wide operating temperature (-40~+70°C), it is suitable for harsh industrial environments, such as industrial mining lights, dock lights, plant growing lights...etc.

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Established in 1982, MEAN WELL is a leading branded standard switching power supply manufacturer. With 38 years of history, MEAN WELL is characterized by a wide product range, flexible production ability and building safe products. Right now, more than 5,000 standard models have been sold through over 200 distributors to 80 countries under our own brand name. Product applications include automation, IT, moving signs, LED lighting, electronic displays, and telecoms.


In 1982, MEAN WELL’s founder, Mr. Jerry Lin established MEAN WELL enterprise to produce Apple, IBM compatible switching power supply as main products. The original brand name "MEAN WELL" was derived from his English dictionary. MEAN WELL means "have good intentions".

This meaning is consistent with Mr. Lin’s personal belief - one who has right thinking, good intention and runs a legitimate business, no matter he is capable of accomplishing a noble goal or not, he should persist and conquer. Later on, from the similar English pronunciation of “MEAN WELL”, it further came up with 「明緯」as the Chinese company name.

In 1986, Taiwan’s OEM/ODM orders for electronic industry were booming, however, MEAN WELL gradually abandoned this business model and decided to cultivate our own brand. We started to develop standard switching power supplies and paid much more attention on quality and reliability. ”MEAN WELL means Quality Switching Power Supply”, this slogan is actually the extension of the original of the enterprise. We provide the best quality of power supplies based on the belief of sincerity, so that our clients feel reliable about the brand “MEAN WELL”. MEAN WELL represents “The Mark of Reliability”.