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SINGTEX PROTECTOR_Magictex coverall
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:MT-20055
SINGTEX Industrial CO., Ltd.
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According to COVID-19, SINGTEX invests in personal protective equipment research. With 30 years of outdoor material supplier experience, SINGTEX turns high quality waterproof and breathable fabric into medical use and built a new product line. SINGTEX PROTECTOR MAGICTEX COVERALL is made from woven fabric which can pass CNS 17498 Hydrostatic pressure over 50cm H20 and Impact penetration less than 1 gram. Besides, this coverall is classified as CNS P3 level which means the product has to pass synthetic blood and bacteriophage. SINGTEX PROTECTOR MAGICTEX COVERALL provides higher breaking and tearing strength than non-woven coverall. The sew seam is taped by hot-melting seam tape which provides higher protection and faster production volume.


About SINGTEX Industrial CO., Ltd.

Since SINGTEX company was founded in 1989, it has been engaged in developing the high-value-add functional fabrics with high-degree science know-how. A group of the meaning members with professional expertise and passion under the leadership of the general manager, Mr. Jason Chen, base on SINGTEX, six benchmarks: Passion, Sincerity, Innovation, Service, Quality, and Feedback, provide the functional fabrics to many worldwide famous sportswear brands.


The S.Café ® high technology fabric has odor control capability, along with the quick-drying and UV protection excellent performance. More importantly, through the special supercritical extraction process, S.Café ® reuses wasted coffee grounds, transforming it to yarn and fabrics. The implementation of this patented technology is a big step for environmental protection.

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