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TRANZEND Ultra Hoodie
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:Hoodie S / Hoodie M / Hoodie L / Hoodie XL / Hoodie 2XL / Hoodie 3XL
SINGTEX Industrial CO., Ltd.
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A performance hoodie with the world’s first modular system on hoodie which we call the M-system, Ultra Hoodie is designed to change the way we store our belongings with convenience.

"TRANZEND Ultra Hoodie" is crafted with our newly developed 3-layer fleece fabric. It’s DWR, weatherproof, breathable, and comfortable. Designed for performance, Ultra Hoodie is full of details, including designs such as a watch window, towel loop, earbuds strap and vents, air vents, thumb holes, a card slot, and many pockets.

M-system is a smart modular system that seamlessly connects our gears and accessories including our M-system Pack, M-system Cardholder and M-system Strap. Swiftly switch up gears and accessories however you wish, maximizing versatility and adaptability with an integrated modular design.

Ultra Hoodie is designed to expand the capabilities of an otherwise rather commonplace piece of clothing that people usually wear for days at an end because it’s just comfortable yet functional.


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About SINGTEX Industrial CO., Ltd.

Since SINGTEX company was founded in 1989, it has been engaged in developing the high-value-add functional fabrics with high-degree science know-how. A group of the meaning members with professional expertise and passion under the leadership of the general manager, Mr. Jason Chen, base on SINGTEX, six benchmarks: Passion, Sincerity, Innovation, Service, Quality, and Feedback, provide the functional fabrics to many worldwide famous sportswear brands.


The "S.Café ® high technology fabric" has "odor control" capability, along with the "quick-drying" and "UV protection" excellent performance. More importantly, through the "special supercritical extraction" process, S.Café ® reuses wasted coffee grounds, transforming it to yarn and fabrics. The implementation of this patented technology is a big step for environmental protection.