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ECOFUN STORMFLEECE™ Double-sided Jacket
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:STORMFLEECE™ SW-80074C0
SINGTEX Industrial CO., Ltd.
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「ECOFUN STORMFLEECE™ Double-sided Jacket」incorporates patented technology STORMFLEECE™ and S.Café® P4DRY™ from the Parent Company, SINGTEX®.

「ECOFUN STORMFLEECE™ Double-sided Jacket」utilized high-performance fabrics that offer comfort and elasticity, wind resistance and breathability, odor control, and rain resistance. It features a multi-pocket design for convenient storage and incorporates different materials in pockets, sleeves, and zippers. The reversible design allows the wearer to choose between the fleece side for better warmth with STORMFLEECE™ single-layer woven fleece technology or the fabric side for a drier experience with S.Café®P4DRY™ coffee printing technology. The wearer can decide how to wear this jacket according to their own needs.


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About SINGTEX Industrial CO., Ltd.

SINGTEX® Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in 1989, SINGTEX® Industry is one of the leading providers of eco-friendly functional textiles in Taiwan. Having several patented technologies, which are widely used by many well-known outdoor brands.

SINGTEX® Group owns SINGTEX® Industrial Co., Ltd, GFUN Industrial Co., Ltd, Magictex Apparel Corporation, Magictex (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Provide consistent services from yarn R&D, moisture-permeable and waterproof fabric OEM to garment design and manufacturing. SINGTEX® Group aims to become a global environmental-friendly functional textile company and creates high-quality, environmental-friendly products under the premise of sustainable development.


The "S.CafeR high technology fabric" has "odor control" capability, along with the "quick-drying" and "UV protection" excellent performance. More importantly, through the "special supercritical extraction" process, S.Cafe R reuses wasted coffee grounds, transforming it to yarn and fabrics. The implementation of this patented technology is a big step for environmental protection.