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Emergency Medical Service UAH
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:RAPTOR EMS250
award 3

The Raptor EMS 250 ( the Emergency Medical Service Unmanned Helicopter) has the payload capacity for long-endurance and inter-cities flight and for delivering urgently needed medical supplies and life saving equipment and even executing time-sensitive task of delivering donated live organs. It can carry medical supplies or equipment weighing up to 15kgs to high mountain destinations and places affected by natural disasters.The mission flight time can reach 4 hours. It has twin-engines that make sure the helicopter carrying emergent medical equipment and donated organs can land safely even encountering a single engine failure. The top of the helicopter is designed with LiDAR , which can detect the surrounding obstacles in real time. the AI image recognition landing system allows to land automatically and accurately. the avionics system is equipped with dual GPS/dual IMU components , whose redundancy in control and navigation can enable the UAV to perform tasks more safely.


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