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Thermal Imaging & Vital Signs Detecting Radar Rescue UAV
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:CX-180 TVR
award 2

Pod type vital signs monitoring and rescue system for UAV
Built-in integrated radar system to monitor the vital signs and heartbeat.
Hover and real time analyze the vital signs then trigger the long range thermal camera to search the survival on the ground.
Detection height is up to 100m and coverage is up to 50m diameter plane.
High efficiency coaxial helicopter
●Vison camera
‧ SONY 1080p 2Mega Starlight CMOS
●Thermal camera
‧ Uncooled Vox microbolometer
‧ 320x256
‧ 6.5mm-f1.0, 34? HF.O.V
●PT platform
‧ 2-axis gyro stabilized gimbal
●Vital signs detecting radar
‧ (SIL)Self-Injection Locked) technology
‧ Power to Demodulator > 15 dBm
‧ Frequency range 2.36 ~ 2.5GHz
‧ Sensing range > 100m
‧ Sensing azimuth > 30(V) & 30(H) degree
●Dimension: L1150mm x W540mm x H906mm
●Max Take off Weight: 35kg
●Power Battery : 6S-LiPo 22000mAh(25C) x 4
●Endurance: 55min(T.O.W 20kg--w/o payload)
25min(T.O.W 29kg) with 10kg payload


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