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Long-Stroke Electric Gripper
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:CHY
award 3

CHY long-stroke electric gripper was in the research and development stage due to the large stroke and large gripping force in the current market. The price is too high and the installation is complicated and difficult. Therefore, this product was developed to meet the market demand. Therefore, it was set in the early stage of R&D to simplify the design of the mechanism and conveniently control the two major points. Linkage mechanism part is designed as an essential constituent. In order to achieve the accuracy of the power and speed of gripping and placement. CHY controller is built-in design and the controller coordinates, settings and positions are all operated by digital data. Integrated design of gripper body + controller, And the standard flange fittings can be directly installed and mounted on the robot arm. The setting of two sets of simple rotary switches on the clamping jaws can easily complete the setting of clamping force, speed and station number.


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