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intelligent 4.0 Ballscrew
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:i4.0BS
award 2

HIWIN i4.0BS (Intelligent 4.0 Ballscrew) is the first ballscrew in the world that can be mass produced to achieve smart manufacturing for Industry 4.0.
1.Remote monitoring, planned production and predictive maintenance:
With patented multi-function sensors with expert algorithm, users can monitor service life, heat deformation, vibration, and lubrication. An special App is developed to remote monitoring conditions of multiple machines allowing users to plan production and pre-schedule the maintenance, and preventing machines’ unexpected stop.
2.Eco-friendly design:
Adapting the most economical way of production. The intelligent lubrication monitor feature can save 40%~70% of lubricant for environment protection and cost saving.
3.Providing innovative services and added values: Its feature help machinery industries upgrading to intelligent manufacturing. Other than machinery industry, i4.0BS is expanding to other industries, such as automation, electro-optical, semiconductor and so on.


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HIWIN Technologies Corp. is the world leading brand of motion control and system manufacturer. With its core technologies, HIWIN focuses on creating innovative products with high speed, high precision, eco-friendly, and energy-saving. Our products, from components to sub system and system, include Ballscrew, Guideway, Bearing, Robot Reducer, Industrial Robot, Medical Robot, Torque Motor Rotary Table. HIWIN products are widely applied by the Automation, Semi-Conductor, Electronics, Medical, Precision Machine, and Transportation Industries etc. HIWIN commits to be a manufacturing service company by creating innovative intelligent products and providing mechatronic total solution to serve customers and build a great work environment and well-being to improve human’s life. With company motto “Professional Excellence, Working Enthusiasm, and Ethics & Responsibility”, HIWIN has the vision to develop a sustainable company.


HIWIN Technologies, started 1989 with own brand “HIWIN” and innovative research to the worldwide market. HIWIN stands for HI-tech WINner. With HIWIN, customer can be competitive and become hi-tech winner. CIS Color - Green as harmony and earth. Represent natural, eco-friendly, and grow. Red as heat of the earth's core. Represent sincere, positive and innovative. Through perseverance HIWIN became well-known overseas with high quality. After receiving global acknowledge, HIWIN finally won domestic recognition under the contempt of Taiwan brand. HIWIN is now top tier in motion control and system with 14 subsidiaries and over 300 distributors. HIWIN believes “Manufacturing is not a purpose, it is a means to satisfy human needs”, which leads to innovation for better life! Nikkei Business 2017 “ASIA 300 Market Growth”, HIWIN is ranked No.1! HIWIN, a MIT company, being the No.1 above the Asia public companies is a honor for Taiwan! HIWIN proves branding is difficult but rewarding.