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Electric Gripper
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:XEG Series
award 3

HIWIN Electric Gripper XEG series is a two-finger type intelligent robot hand. It can be used in automation, 3C product, semi-conduct, medical care and food industry. It not only can grip the variety-shape, shell, elastic or fragile work-piece, but also can measure, recognize and assort work-piece simultaneously.
Save energy for more than 65%. All components are comply with RoHS.
2.Brand-new design:
Features the world's highest repeatability of 0.01mm. The overall size is reduced by 15%.
3.Intelligence innovation:
Provide exclusive intelligent functions, e.g. "auto-tuning reset" and "adaptive gripping".
4.Safety protection:
Features pinch-proof design, drop prevention function. It is the first CE-certified electric gripper product in Taiwan.
5.Ergonomics orientation:
The software system have an interactive graphical interface; users can experience easily and intuitive operation. If errors occurred, users can quickly identify the problem by the black box function.


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HIWIN Technologies Corp. is the world leading brand of motion control and system manufacturer. With its core technologies, HIWIN focuses on creating innovative products with high speed, high precision, eco-friendly, and energy-saving.
Our products, from components to sub system and system, include Ballscrew, Guideway, Bearing, Robot Reducer, Industrial/Medical Robot, Torque Motor Rotary Table. HIWIN products are widely applied in various industries, including Automation, Semi-Conductor, Electronics, Medical, Precision Machine, Transportation, and more.
With the commitment of being the “Best Partner in Smart Manufacturing”, we leverage HIWIN’s advantages of integrated solutions in mechatronic products and global service to deliver added value to customers. HIWIN dedicate to actively promote ESG practices for sustainability. In addition to enhance our own competitiveness by continuous innovations, HIWIN also aims to drive the transformation and upgrading of the Machinery Industry.


HIWIN Technologies, started 1989 with own brand “HIWIN” and innovative research to market world widely. HIWIN derived from HI-tech WINner. With HIWIN, customers become hi-tech winners. CIS color - Green as harmony and earth. Represent natural, eco-friendly, and grow. Red as heat of the earth's core. Represent sincere, positivity, innovation. Through perseverance, HIWIN became well-known overseas. After receiving global acknowledge, HIWIN, as a Taiwan Brand, finally won the domestic recognition. HIWIN is now the world leading brand in motion control and system with 14 subsidiaries, R&D centers, labs and over 300 distributors around the world. HIWIN believes “Manufacturing is not a purpose, it is a means to satisfy human needs.” With this spirit, company continues to innovate. Nikkei Business 2017 “ASIA 300 Market Growth”, HIWIN ranked No.1! HIWIN being the No. 1 among the Asia listed companies is an honor for Taiwan. It proves branding is difficult but rewarding.