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Cây cọ toilet tiện lợi, hiện đại
Chất liệu nhựa ABS bền đẹp
Có thể hít trên bề mặt không bị thoáng khí
Giúp đánh bay mọi vết bẩn cứng đầu


Ferro-Carbon was established in 1989 and it has been making its efforts in the design and production of professional construction tiling tools. On the basis of the ideas of "FLAWLESS, EQUITABLE, CONSISTENT, and ABIDING", we keep integrating creation into the products, make products with several brilliant ideas to become popular goods, and make the products more convenient to operate. In particular, there is always strict checking between each link from raw materials to mass production. The quality system of ISO, ERP system, management of supply chain, and customer after sale service are all exactly controlled in order to keep the quality and reliability of the products.By following the company president, Mr. Chen Lung-Chih, the market horizons are brought to the worldwide gradually.


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