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Automatic PCB Plug-via Screen Printer (Twin Table)
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:ATMAOE PC88/PH
award 3

For industry 4.0; an auto plug configured with C side soldering turn over and S side soldering hanging collecting oven. Original printing and triple baking, simplified inline 3 printing baking once to raise efficiency. Initially created to be the most sales competitive product of its kind. Innovative values as follows:
4 CCD registering panel & screen to reduce setup time for changing material.
Combined transfer technology, either thick or thin panels can be produced (0.3 ~ 4.0 mm).
2 systems for feeding & screen alignment, achieving precision and fast line change.
2 machines plug-via connect with synchronous in/outlet.
Enhance clamp power by 50%, simultaneously pulling in X/Y directions for precise registering.
Up down screen driven by electric-cylinder, six power steering mechanism.
Screen micro adjustment is digitally controlled with a displacement function.
3 guided cylinders strengthen the squeegee pressure to a maximum of 147 kgs.


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ATMA is specialized in screen printer & ink jet, found in 1979, devoted into R&D, production, marketing over 70 countries, rise into global high tech supply chain.
Persists “committed with top quality”, gained 170 patents worldwide, implement TQM to achieve 23th National Quality Award.
New headquarters is located at Huaya Scientific Park and applied the concept of greening and garden-style factory. This is the biggest screen printer manufacturing center in the world. We provide customer complete service.


ATMA was founded by Mr Chen in 1979, self-brand name was officially promoted in 1982 to produce manual printing table. In 1986, initial pneumatic screen printer was invented on the world. Subsequently, oversea market was expanded. Following Industrial development, high precision, less manpower, intelligentized are defined as long term goal, LOGO graphic cross mark symbolizes High Tech CCD visual registering highlights ATMA pursues PRECISION and extremely TOP QUALITY ATMA logo meaning : ATMA means Advanced signifies excellent, leading ; Taiwan implies Taiwanese self-brand name or Tung Yuan ; Machinery stands for mechanical equipment ; Automation means automated. SPS : ATMA has adopted strategic dual logo since year 2000 to separate market position. Top German brand name SPS cylinder press was incorporated with ATMA in year 2012, Excellent German mechanical craftsmanship combined with high quality efficient production, two parties are combined perfectly complementary.

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