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Auto CCD Registering Automotive Curved Glass Screen Printing Line
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:ATMALINE CT310/W
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Dedicated to print BM & icons onto curved surface of glass for automotive display, and use special vacuum mould with conductor rail and communication control unit to carry glass. Entire line is consisted of Loader, 4 Printers with CCD registering, 4 UV curing units and Unloader. Auto vacuum arm in-feeds and diacharges curved glass onto vacuum mould for pre-registration and flattening, then repeat sequentially process of registering, printing and curing for multi-layer printing. Innovative features as below.
*Conductor rail : supplys 24V power when mould is moved circular across the workstation.
*Auto squeegee leveling : sensors detect both squeegee ends leveling to assure uniformity of printed ink.
*Double peel-off : program calculation adjusts peel-off height to match upward / downward slope of squeegee stroke along with glass protrusion at middle.
*Visual Registration : 6 cameras with 20M pixel for searching glass edge, and 2 cameras for screen alignment. Registration accuracy ±20μm.


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ATMA is specialized in screen printer & ink jet, found in 1979, devoted into R&D, production, marketing over 70 countries, rise into global high tech supply chain.
Persists “committed with top quality”, gained 170 patents worldwide, implement TQM to achieve 23th National Quality Award.
New headquarters is located at Huaya Scientific Park and applied the concept of greening and garden-style factory. This is the biggest screen printer manufacturing center in the world. We provide customer complete service.


ATMA was founded by Mr Chen in 1979, self-brand name was officially promoted in 1982 to produce manual printing table. In 1986, initial pneumatic screen printer was invented on the world. Subsequently, oversea market was expanded. Following Industrial development, high precision, less manpower, intelligentized are defined as long term goal, LOGO graphic cross mark symbolizes High Tech CCD visual registering highlights ATMA pursues PRECISION and extremely TOP QUALITY ATMA logo meaning : ATMA means Advanced signifies excellent, leading ; Taiwan implies Taiwanese self-brand name or Tung Yuan ; Machinery stands for mechanical equipment ; Automation means automated. SPS : ATMA has adopted strategic dual logo since year 2000 to separate market position. Top German brand name SPS cylinder press was incorporated with ATMA in year 2012, Excellent German mechanical craftsmanship combined with high quality efficient production, two parties are combined perfectly complementary.

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