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enduro mountainbike ONE-SIXTY
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:ONE-SIXTY 10K / 8000 / 6000 / 700 / 500
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It's all about catering for the diverging demands of modern mountain bikers that's tricky. Especially for enduro mountain bikes design, some folks may want outright speed, some others maybe value agility far more, etc. Traditionally, an enduro bike just cannot fit all kinds of riders & compromise on the overall performances are always there.

But thanks to its special AGILOMETER Sizing system & FAST suspension kinematic, Merida's new ONE-SIXTY, a 170mm-suspension-travel enduro BIKE OF THE YEAR 2023 winner, now unchains the compromises by offering more sizes really fit & up to your own choice. As praised below by experts from their test reports, ONE-SIXTY features with the characteristics and excellent performances you’ll ever need --

+ perfectly proportioned
+ plenty of scope to size up or down to suit handling preferences
+ supple & comfortable suspension
+ well-balanced handling, especially on steep and fast terrain
+ composed and efficient climber


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Founded by Mr. Ike Tseng in 1972, Merida is renowned as a reliable source for high-end bicycles & e-bikes in the global market. With an annual turnover of NT$32 billion in 2022, Merida shares more than 30% of Taiwan's bike exports and is honored as the top 10th Best Taiwan Global Brand according to Interbrand.

2 decades ago, cycling races became a strong part of MERIDA's DNA for success. A hugely successful mountainbike team established by Merida delivered numerous wins from World Cups & Int'l Championships. Then since the last decade, World Tour road cycling races has taken over the market attention and continue to inspire MERIDA fans all over the world.

When Taiwan's bike industry was struggling with relocation issue over the millennium, an industrial alliance A-Team created by Merida & its main rival turned it around and successfully kept the industry flourish in Taiwan.

Now we can look back with pride at what Merida has achieved over its 50-year+ history.


It all started half a century ago with an infamous sign stood at the front door of a bike shop in the United States, a sign stated “We don't repair Taiwan-made bicycles” (because of extremely poor quality). The sign was witnessed by Mr. Ike Tseng during his trip at that time and since triggered his desire to turn thing around. It was this obsession with quality when Ike set up a bike factory in 1972 named Merida. At the early age, MERIDA was a manufacturer offering its quality production facilities and solutions to other bike brands, that is so called the OEM business model. In late 1980s, aside from being just a factory, Merida started to turn its name into a real bicycle brand that stands for quality, durability, innovation and reliability. Now being a well-known and trusted name in the international markets, Merida is again honored as the top 10th Best Taiwan Global brands in 2022 with its brand value of USD467 million, which is evaluated by Interbrand.