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Scultura Disc series
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:Scultura Disc Team / Scultura Disc 7000-E / Scultura Disc 6000 / Scultura Disc 5000 / Scultura Disc 4000 / Scultura Disc 500 / Scultura Disc 400 / Scultura Disc 200
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SCULTURA, one of the lightest road bikes in the world, benefits from the outstanding acceleration and comfort. designed to be the ‘work horse’ of TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA. The SCULTURA with regards to stiffness, comfort and performance whilst adding constant all-weather braking performance to the mix. Equipped with 160mm discs and (through axles on all carbon models) the new SCULTURArange will be of interest to all road riders who don’t make their ride dependent on the weather forecast.


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After endless hard works since founded in 1972, Merida has been known as an elite brand and reliable manufacturer for high-end bikes & e-bikes in the global market. Being a renowned bike supplier offering a wide range of innovative products to 70 countries at a yearly turnover of US$ 1 billion, Merida is listed as one of the top 10 Best Taiwan Global Brand in 2021 with brand value US$ 448 million as evaluated by Interbrand.

In celebrating the 50th anniversary in 2022, we can look back with pride at what Merida has achieved over the years. A remarkable record, for example, is no less than 12 TAIWAN EXCELLENCE GOLD plus 23 SILVER awards. In recent years, racing has been a strong part of MERIDA's DNA. Mountain biking kicked things off from the hugely successful MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM, delivering numerous World Cup & International Championship wins. In the last few years, it has been the exciting World Tour road racing that inspires MERIDA fans all over the world.


It all started half a century ago with an infamous sign attached to the front door of a bicycle shop in the US, stating “no repair for Taiwan-made bicycles” due to extremely poor bike quality. This was seen by Mr. Ike Tseng in his trip to the US at that time, triggering the desire in him to turn this around and improve the reputation of bicycles 'Made in Taiwan'. In 1972 it was this obsession with quality that led Ike to set up a bike factory named MERIDA. At the early age, MERIDA was a manufacturer offering its quality production facilities and solutions to other bike brands, that is so called the OEM business model. In late 1980s, aside from just a factory, Merida started to turn its name into a real bicycle brand that stands for quality, durability, innovation and reliability. Now being a well-known and trusted name in 70 countries, Merida is listed to the top 10 Best Taiwan Global brands in 2021 with a brand value of USD448 million as evaluated by Interbrand.