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Miniature Pick Up Cylinder
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:MVS
Taiwan Chelic Corp., Ltd.
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MVS Miniature Pick Up Cylinder adopts a structure similar to double guide to avoid the rotation of cylinder and increase the stability during movement. In addition, anabsorber is installed inside the cylinder so that the cylinder can more closely fit the workpiece and increase its stability when sucking the workpiece. Besides, there is a buffer that can help achieve the effect of protecting the workpiece.
The pipeline fittings of the cylinders adopt an independent method, which can avoid the damage of the gas pipes due to the operation. The most important thing is due to Its volume is thin and light, which can be used in most of the arrays and narrow operating conditions, so as to increase productivity and efficiency.

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About Taiwan Chelic Corp., Ltd.

TAIWAN CHELIC CORP LTD was established in 1986. Our main products are pneumatic automation components, including FRL, pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders, solenoid valves, air control valves, vacuum ejectors, fittings, assembly pick and place robots and hydraulic components...etc. These pneumatic products are widely used in various manufacturing sectors, maintenance equipment, automation equipment, medical instrument and education equipment etc.
TAIWAN CHELIC CORP LTD., has successfully attained ISO-9002 certificate in March of 1995, achieve quality consistency and further up-graded the quality level so as to satisfy customer's need.
We have got ISO-9001 certificated in April of 1998 and official put the ISO-9001 to our quality management system and to be the first factory in Taiwan which use ISO-9001 in pneumatic components.


Taiwan Chelic Corp. Ltd. manufactures pneumatic components. We believe in the specialization of production and the solid manufacturing management. Our outstanding team produces every hi-tech product with 100% effort and dedication to guarantee the supplying the best-quality pneumatic components. We expect we play a leading role in our industry trusted by our clients and established a long term and beneficial relationship with manufactures and clients. We continually coorperate and provide service to our customer and impress customer by our honest.

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