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Intelligent air quality and air conditioning energy management system in medical centers.
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:PZEN-IEM
award 3

Intelligent energy-saving air-quality surveillance service system, using Long Range Low Power Wireless communication technology, combined with the 「User Comfort Evaluation Engine, UCE」 algorithm, monitor indoor air quality. The system controls HVAC equipment optimization, provide energy and air quality optimization.
The system has been awarded the 14th National Innovation Award. System uses LoRa communication technology, quickly provide a user service experience. Wireless communication using 920MHz, does not affect medical facilities. LoRa network and communication network entity separation, meet information security requirements.
The system uses the Open API to intervene open Platform.

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Founded in 1956 for motor production, TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. has evolved to a major business group, spanning heavy electric equipment, home appliances, information technology, communications, key electronic components and parts, infrastructural engineering, financial investment, dining, and services, with its business scope covering over 100 cities in more than 40 countries in the five major continents. In the future, in addition to continuing profound cultivation of its core businesses, TECO will develop in the direction of businesses with high added value, such as smart products and systematic solutions and dedicate to the expansion of hi-tech businesses, with the objective of "energy conservation, emissions reduction, Intelligence, and automation," in order to build up a macro-perspective and high-quality world-class brand.


Based on its core technologies in electromechanical integration, energy-related engineering, and air solutions, TECO’s three major business groups will serve as the key cornerstones of the internal ecosystem, while the inter-business products and technologies are applied in six major areas areas: smart manufacturing, EV powertrain system, smart energy grid/storage system, offshore wind power business, smart logistics, and smart city applications. In addition, with the ultimate goal of "carbon neutrality", TECO will continue to realize the corporate sustainability and the company vision of “energy conservation, emissions reduction, Intelligence and automation”.

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