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Power Automation Computers
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:ECU-4784
Advantech Co., Ltd.
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All the sectors involved in the power generation, transmission, and distribution industry are experiencing revolutionary changes that provide new opportunities. Among the changes, traditional power substations are evolving toward a brand new breed of intelligent substations based on big data, networked communications and standardized communication protocols. Such intelligent substations require unified communication standards for all layers of equipment and devices.
Advantech has established a power & energy business group focusing on intelligent substation related applications. In 2015 Advantech designed ECU-4784 which passes TUV IEC 61850-3 certification—a globally recognized industrial standard for power applications. In its product design, ECU-4784 has incorporated a big data processor, rich communication ports, redundant storage and backup power supply as well as multi-mode flexible expansion.
ECU-4784 runs on an IntelR Core i7 processor with up to 16G of built-in memory. Providing two I/O expansion slots on its rear panel, ECU-4784 allows users to add optional expansion cards to meet their application needs. Its expansion options are versatile, agile and easy-to-implement, including choices of serial ports, Ethernet ports, network redundancy, DI/DO and more.
Because on-site equipment and devices are usually located some distance from the control center, anomalies in field communication are not easily detected; therefore, ECU-4784 is also equipped with iCDManager—a remote I/O status monitoring function developed by Advantech, which allows the control center to remotely oversee the operation of the onsite equipment in real time. Advantech ECU-4784 also has a built-in TPM security chip that provides data encryption support for security needs.
For all power automation applications, ECU-4784 is the ideal industrial grade computing platform specifically designed to help customers carry out field applications under all kinds of harsh and extreme environments.


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