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38" Rugged Railway Passenger Information System
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:ARS-P3800
Advantech Co., Ltd.
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ARS-P3800 is a rugged Passenger Information System, a combination of rugged computing unit and 38” display. It is designed expressly for railway environment. ARS-P3800 is used to show real-time message to passengers, like departure & arrival information, timetable, alert, and advertisement, to help realize an easy and pleasant journey.
ARS-P3800 is supposed to be exposed to dust and water when it is installed in stations or platforms, so the whole system is designed to be dust-protected and water-protected. The system complies with IP (Ingress protection) level 65, indicating that the risks of malfunction resulting from intrusion of water and dust has been drastically decreased. ARS-P3800 is perfect fit to be installed on train for its resistance to vibration and shock caused by running train. It is designed to be against 5Grms vibration and 5Grms shock. Furthermore, ARS-3800 keeps working after 10ms power off credit to its special power design, effectively avoids the function failures led by power off due to occasional strong vibration. In addition, passenger information systems like ARS-P3800 are usually embedded in closed space, like in the car body above doors. With its distinctive power design, the ARS-P3800 can work smoothly in wide working temperature ranging from -25 °C to +55 °C, to make sure it operates well in harsh environment, keep delivering real-time information to passengers.
The product concept of ARS-P3800 comes from the need of realizing intelligent transportation. In the early stage of product design, the product concept has been verified by intensive communications with customers. As for marketing, following the brand spirit of Advantech and complete marketing network, the product value of ARS-P3800 has been conveyed thoroughly with mixed marketing channels and materials. Solid sales training help to ensure the consistency of marketing message.


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