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Industrial Ruggedized ARM-based Starter Kit
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:ROM-DK3420
Advantech Co., Ltd.
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ROM-DK3420 provides a shortcut for ruggedized ARM application evaluation and development. The kit includes key elements of a development environment including an ARM Cortex-A9 High performance COM modulewith CPU cables, adapter cards, LCD panel and power adapter. ROM-DK3420 is designed to help customers concentrate on their own product innovation and make the whole process faster, easier and less stressful.
(1)Complete Hardware Offering: ROM-DK3420 provides customers with a complete hardware platform for function and performance evaluation. This includes everything you need: an ARM Coretex-A9 COM module, cables, power adapter, LED panel and SD card. You can start your evaluation immediately when you open the box. Moreover, the Coretex-A9 COM module is designed with RTX2.0 standard perfect for ruggedized and low power applications.
(2) Multiple OS/BSP Support: ROM-DK3420 is built-in with OS image in Linux which allows users start their evaluation immediately after they open the box. Other OS such as Android, Yocto Linux and Ubuntu are also available for different applications; each carefully verified for online download. Customers can simply use the SD card included in the starter kit and put the image on that. In addition, ROM-DK3420 offers tools for application development including Qt, a cross-platform tool for device creation, UI and application development, and Advantech WISE-PaSS/RMM APIs for device access, control and monitoring. All add-on software offerings are totally verified and 100% free of charge.
(3) 10-minute Startup for Your ARM Project: ROM-DK3420 takes only ten minutes to setup and are designed for performance evaluation and validation, and fast hardware design and application development. With 7 year+ longevity support, customers can easily develop their future ARM-based solutions and reach their markets faster.


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